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Puppy kindergarten

             Get an early start on training and avoid common mistakes.  This beginning program is designed for puppies up to 4 months of age.  This period is the most critical learning time for your puppy.  Subjects covered include: socialization, handling, bite inhibition, basic behavior skills, leadership, prevention of unacceptable behavior.



             Develop a well-mannered dog that is a pleasure to be around and a welcome family member.  This course is designed for dogs 4 months of age and older and may be Puppy Kindergarten graduates or have no  previous training.  Utilizing positive reinforcement and training games, you will learn how to shape and reward our dog’s behavior.  Discover how to listen and learn from your dog, establish an effective communication system, and how to avoid common mistakes that could reinforce some objectionable behaviors.


Trek ‘n Train

                 If your dog is easily aroused or easily distracted when out in the ‘real world’, this class can help.  Our goal is to help the dog learn to relax, focus, and behave reliably in challenging situations. Each week we will meet in a new place and help you and your dog connect in a new way.  Good Dog 101 is a prerequisite to this class.     

Private lessons

             This program is designed for the owner who desires one-on-one instruction and  gives you more flexible scheduling.  This program can be tailored to your  specific needs.

Behavior counseling

             This program is for owners who are experiencing challenges with specific behavioral issues.  The elimination of inappropriate behavior begins with proper training.  Behaviors such as separation anxiety, barking, housesoiling, or aggression, usually require more in-depth training to resolve the issue. 

Arfs & Crafts

                 Release your dog’s ‘inner arf-tist’ with this unique class by teaching him to paint.  Developed by Dog Scouts of America for their summer campers, you will have great fun shaping your dog.  They will learn to wear a special painting paw and apply paint to canvas and ceramics.

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Tricks and clicks

             The more you teach your dog, the more rewarding your relationship will be.  Making training fun and interesting with special tricks as you refine your clicker training skills.  Enhance your dog’s learning abilities as you learn the techniques of “targeting” and “free shaping”, both great ways to get new behaviors. 

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Canine good citizen

             Learn the skills necessary to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.  This test is a certification program that identifies and rewards dogs that have the training and demeanor to be reliable family members as well as good-standing community members.